Mogami 2319

Bulk cable for your patch and instrument cords.
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Mogami 2319 delivers transparent sound, having a small cross-section of only 5mm, excellent shielding and high flexibility.

Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C 155pF/m: (47.3pF/Ft)
Inductance: 0.3µH/m (0.092µH/Ft)
Electrostatic Noise: 0.13mV
Max. Electromagnetic Noise At 10kHz: 0.07mV
Max. Microphonics: 0.3mV
Max Voltage Breakdown: Must withstand at DC 500V/15sec.
Insulation Resistance: 100000 MΩ × m Min. at DC 500V , 20°C
Flex Life: 11,000 cycles
Tensile Strength (26°C, 65%RH): 303 N

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