Tape Leaders

Ian Helliwell
A Compendium Of Early British Electronic Music Composers.

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A Compendium Of Early British Electronic Music Composers.

In the form of a richly illustrated compendium, Tape Leaders is an indispensable reference guide for anyone interested in electronic sound and its origins in Great Britain. For the first time a book sets out information on practically everyone active with experimental electronics and tape recording across the country, revealing the hidden history of early British electronic music.
With an individual entry for each composer, starting with Daevid Allen and going through to Peter Zinovieff, it covers everyone from the famous names of William Burroughs, Brian Eno and Joe Meek, to the ultra-obscure Roy Cooper, Donald Henshilwood and Edgar Vetter. There are sections for EMS and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, as well as amateurs, groups and ensembles that seriously experimented with electronics, including the Beatles, Hawkwind and White Noise.

Author Ian Helliwell draws on his experience and knowledge of electronic music, and after many years and dozens of interviews, has amassed information never before brought to light in this fascinating subject. This is an essential volume for anyone with an interest in the history of electronic music during the 1950s and 60s.

220 page book now available in an updated second edition published by Velocity Press.

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