Fjord Fuzz

A fuzz that behaves like an overdrive.

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EMBLA is like a fuzz that behaves like an overdrive.

The gain and volume knobs take you from crisp, beautiful clean boost to thick, heavy fuzz and any nuance in between. It cleans up brilliantly and just always works. With any instrument, any amp and in any setting.

The bias knob lets you starve the signal without ever turning the pedal off. This can come in handy for bassists who don’t want to just add to the noise floor of the band while idle or it can help you make your guitar sound like a 60s tonebender type fuzztone. The thickness control gives you the ability to pair it up with any amp. Turn it down for low wattage setups and back up for huge stage amps.

Go get one and free yourself from the tedious hassle of soundchecking all your drive units. This one takes care of you!

Useful specs:

Power with 9VDC, centre tip negative. Same as Boss Pedals. Easy.

Current draw is quite high as we’re using logic based relay switching.

Idle: ~10mA

Engaged: ~70mA


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Fjord Fuzz

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