FFAS is brutal variation of a fuzz face.

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Brutal variation of a fuzz face. FFAS fuzz is equipped with new old stock TFK BC108C high gain silicon transistors and is tuned to sound as smooth and warm as a germanium one with extra gain, sustain, compression, low freq content and overall heft available. Prime fuzz face style choice for down-tuned guitars and heavy playing.

There is control of input gain via ‘load’ (input impedance) pot instead of ‘fuzz’ seen in the most FFs, what allows to have some flexibility in available amount of distortion and maintain punch in a whole range. No clean setting though – did I mention it is brutal? Load knob is a handy tool to use with another pedals before FFAS, coz when turned back it ‘unloads’ preceding device so you can use your wah, booster, buffers or other pedals with no worries.

Depth pot allows to reduce both amount of bass and overall heaviness, which turns the tone from really bulky, beefy fuzz to somewhat lighter and cutting through fuzz with pronounced midrange.

Level knob is simply a volume control with lot of gain available so you can push your amp savagely. Turning it up also provides more aggressive and bright tone compared to ‘unity gain’ setting.

level – output volume level
depth – turned CCW reduces low end
load – turned CCW reduces gain

No battery operation possible with this pedal. Use quality, isolated 9V negative center power supply ONLY.

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