This Blue Colander/Soundman limited edition fuzz pedal was made for Amplifest’22

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Henriqueta fuzz comes with three switchable modes: Left setting is ‘classic’ BMP, middle is Jumbo TB, right is Supa TB. The overall voicing is full and fat. Not super high gain, but it’s massive yet tight low-end and hint of crispy highs provide huge sound for monumental riffing and glorious leads.

Smooth feel of BMP mode gets some aggressive bite at jumbo mode, which also reduces compression and even further increases bass content with a bit of clean signal appearance. This works extremely well for bass guitar, thick chords etc. While jumbo mode reduces volume a little, Supa mode brings volume back and turns pedal into a totally blown-out, sputtery, ear-piercing fuzz machine to cut through any mix.

There‘s also added a midrange knob to greatly extend low-mids range with the tone knob turned down. With these two timbre knobs and three available modes it’s possible to reach un-numerable diversified sounds. If that’s not enough, there’s also an internal presence switch, which turned down alters the overall voice to a heavy mid-scooped tone.

This Blue Colander/Soundman limited edition pedal was made for Amplifest’22, in Porto. The circuit design and the overall assemblage was made by Juliusz Śledziński (Blue Colander stompboxes)

Artwork by Mees Knarren made for “The Female Face of Porto” 2019.

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Poland / Portugal

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