An octavia pedal like you never heard before. More vintage than vintage. Built with new old stock germanium transistors and diodes.

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The Reuss Octaviaze pedal came about from experimenting with the Warren Ellis Muzzbox circuitboard. This is basically a vintage 1960s Octavia circuit built with a pair of germanium NPN transistors replacing the silicons that goes into every other Octavia past and present. The sound is something else too. Extremely complex and very, very cool. Softer and warmer and less abrasive sounding than the usual Octavia. But still wild and crazy. Only 33 pedals in the first batch.

Features and specifications:

  • – 100% handmade in the European Union (Denmark & Bulgaria)
  • – True bypass switching
  • – Mammoth Electronics ‘pro’ upgrade footswitches (good for at least 15000 stomps – the standard blue footswitches that you see in most ’boutique’ pedals is only rated for 6000 stomps)
  • – High quality Neutrik jacks, wired by hand
  • – Powder coated and silk screen printed aluminium enclosure

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