Curmudgeon Dist 2

The Curmudgeon is a solid state power amp (lead sled) distortion that takes your incoming signal, multiplies it by 1000, and slams it into a simulated power amp.


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This simulated power amp features parallel stages that are mixed and loaded down just enough for them to struggle to breathe. This gives you multiple stages of solid state amp coloration and distortion. A simple tone control lets in just enough high frequency to help you cut-through in a dense mix (not that you won’t already have the thickest tone on stage).

Gain: Controls the amount of gain.
Level: Controls the output level.
Tone: Simple low pass filter much like the tone control on your guitar.
Depth: Controls the amount of low end injected into the distortion stages. Flip the switch down for a brighter tone or up for a thicker tone.

Use only 9VDC 2.1mm center negative (boss-style) power adapters. Isolated pedal specific power supplies are highly recommended. Damnation Audio pedals are designed for maximum headroom and ideal performance with a 9V supply. Going above 9VDC will damage your pedal and void any warranties. Damnation Audio pedals do not accept 9V batteries.

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