Alma Comp MKII

The Alma Compressor MKII is an opto-isolator compressor based on the legendary Diamond BCP-1.


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The Alma Compressor MKII, an opto-isolator compressor, is an evolution of it’s predecessor; it retains all of his
original elements such as an internal voltage doubling circuit, and a Clean control to be blended with the
compressed signal.

As a highlight, the new features of the MKII are a Ratio switch allowing the user to select between 2:1, 4:1 and 8:1
compression Ratios and also a visual indication of how much compression is being appllied to the input signal.
The compression’s ratio is selectable between 2:1/ 4:1/ 8:1, and its treshold is driven by the Com control as well
as the instruments output.
(Hotter basses kick in the compression earlier, so, dial the COM back if there’s too much compression.)

In order to accomodate these new features the Jacks are now top mounted.

A voltage doubler (internal circuit) doubles the voltage you are putting in. This makes it possible to have 36v of
internal running operation when powering from an 18v supply. {The pedal can be run from 9v to 18v (max)}.
This feature can be turned on or off via an internal switch.
The higher voltage operation significantly increases the headroom and prevents unwanted clipping/distortion,
caused by hotter signals, as well as having a stronger compression effect.

The Clean buffered control, when mixed with the compressed signal, allows for parallel compression which can
help bring some of that clarity back to your playing.

The EQZ is a Tilt Equalizer which together with the SHIFT EQZ allows to gently (and musically) compensate for
different sounding instruments.

-When the EQZ pot is at 12, there is no colouring of the sound.
-Turn clockwise and the frequencies above the tilt point get boosted while the ones below get attenuated.

-Anti-clockwise, the frequencies below the tilt point, get boosted while the ones above get attenuated.
The Alma Compressor MKII is a great tool to help improve your tone while keeping everything together. It has
superb clean sound, very low noise and it allows for a decent amount of boost on top of everything.

DC in: Standard (center negative) 9v to 18v
SHIFT EQZ: shifts between 900 Hz and 250Hz tilt point -switch UP = tiIt centered at 900Hz -switch DOWN = tilt centered at 250Hz
CLN: Clean signal
VOL COM: Compressed signal volume
COM: Compression/Gain level (Adjust according to your instrument)
EQZ: Tilt equalizer
RATIO SWITCH: 4:1 / 8:1 / 2:1
DC in: Standard (center negative) 9v to 12v
Current draw: 9v (+-18v internal)= 35mA / 12v (+-24v internal)= 42mA / 18v(+- 36v internal)= 57mA

The internal switch turns the voltage doubler On and Off. This is useful in case there’s some power supply conflict with the pedal or if you rather just use your own voltage supply.
Left is OFF; Right is ON

(MKI demo video)

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